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Fecha: 28 de Junio, 2006, 18:24

a todo mundo le pasa


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Fecha: 10 de Marzo, 2007, 15:24

muy bueno!!!!


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Fecha: 20 de Agosto, 2010, 3:36

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Fecha: 29 de Abril, 2011, 2:33

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Fecha: 18 de Agosto, 2011, 4:53

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Fecha: 7 de Octubre, 2011, 23:52

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Fecha: 26 de Octubre, 2011, 2:27

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Fecha: 6 de Noviembre, 2011, 21:22

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Fecha: 12 de Noviembre, 2011, 0:50

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Fecha: 15 de Noviembre, 2011, 2:09

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Fecha: 5 de Abril, 2012, 0:12

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Fecha: 8 de Diciembre, 2013, 21:24

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Fecha: 19 de Diciembre, 2013, 2:35

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Fecha: 28 de Diciembre, 2013, 20:22

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Fecha: 9 de Enero, 2014, 0:47

And today mensch fake tanned Michael Kors is here to help with the clutch runway, Michael Kors bags Louis Vuitton Sale are a little more different styles of the late '80s and early '90s to me - the era of vivid colors, shoulder. strong and shiny patent neon pink seems to be one of the strongest financial statements can be made with pockets and black designer shades , this reference period. Very specific time - about 20 years ago, strong edge at the top of the clutch with super shiny hardware, silver polish reminds me a lot of ' supermodel ' era - when Cindy , Christy . and Naomi strutted the catwalk in what is the big shoulders and Kate Moss are just another skinny chick England a clear reference such as the clean lines that give customers a better way . The overall trend in a stylish retro purchased through Neiman Marcus for $ 595.


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Fecha: 16 de Febrero, 2014, 20:28

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Fecha: 2 de Febrero, 2015, 1:57

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